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E-mail Client Configuration
MAC Mail
Step 1

  • Once opening Mail, if this is your first account being setup in the Mail program, you will get the screenshot above. If not, follow these brief instructions on how to setup a new account:
    • Click "Mail" in the top toolbar
    • Click "Preferences"
    • On the bottom left of the pop-up window, click the "+" button
  • Fill in your full name, full email address and your password in the provided fields
  • Press "Continue"
Step 2

  • If you get a "Verify Certificate" pop-up window, click on "Connect" to continue. If you do not get this pop-up window, skip to the next step.
Step 3

  • Under "Account Type", select IMAP and put a description for the email account in the "Description" field
  • For the incoming mail server, enter
  • For the user name, be sure to enter your full email address, IE:
  • Enter your email password into the password field
Step 4

  • You may get a pop-up window to verify the certificate again. If you do, click "Connect" to continue. If you don't get this pop-up, skip this step.
Step 5

  • Check off "Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)", leave authentication as "Password" and click "Continue"
Step 6

  • The outgoing mail server is
  • Check off "Use Authentication" and be sure to put your full email address in for the user name (ie:, and put your email password into the password field
  • Click "Continue"
Step 7

  • Check over all your settings, and when your ready, click "Create"
Step 8

  • If you get this pop-up screen, click on "Change" to close it off
Step 9

  • Next, click on "Show" to the left of "Inbox" along the top of your mail program
  • Once you see your email account, click the "Sent" folder and click "Mailbox" on the top toolbar
  • Click "Use This Mailbox For", then select "Sent"
Step 10

  • Your email account is setup and ready to use!