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E-mail Client Configuration
Mozilla Thunderbird
Step 1

  • Open Thunderbird
  • If you don't get directed directly to the account setup wizard, click on "Create a new account"
Step 2

  • Click on "Skip this and use my existing email" on the bottom left of this screen
Step 3

  • Under the Mail Account Setup, enter your name, full email address and password in the boxes provided
  • Click "Continue"
Step 4

  • Wait for Thunderbird to try searching for common settings, and eventually you will get the screen above
  • You can leave "IMAP" selected
  • Click "Manual config"
Step 5

  • You should now have the option to enter Incoming, Outgoing and Username settings
  • The incoming server hostname is and the default port is 143
  • The outgoing server hostname is and change the port to 43005
  • Be sure your username is your full email address, IE:
  • Click "Done"
Step 6

  • If you get the "Add Security Exception" popup, click on "Confirm Security Exception" at the bottom to continue
Step 7

  • You should now be back at the main Thunderbird screen, and your email account is all set up!